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中美翰辰建筑规划设计顾问(北京)有限公司 - More jobs by this advertiser

Expired Update Date:29/07/2015


Howard & Cavaluzzi Architects LLC. (H&C LLC) is an international design firm that integrates diverse cultural experiences through collaboration with a holistic design approach: elevating the quality of life and environment. We seek to balance the functions of shelter and program with the spirit and joy of human habitation.

Our firm is composed of architects, designers and urban planners with multi-modal skills and languages. With offices in New York and Beijing, H&C has been able to meet the challenges of complex programs and effectively address the needs of large and small scale international projects. We work in a variety of project types ranging from urban planning and design, world horticultural exposition, ecological infrastructure, campus planning, agricultural, cultural, residential, commercial and entertainment developments.

Our approach values teamwork and resiliency. As changes in technology, climate, economy and program may accelerate or decelerate, timely responses are required. Resiliency is our ability to efficiently increase or decrease in proportion the scale, quality, time horizon or cost of the affected issues. By working closely with our clients, and cultivating a team comprised of local community members, specialized consultants and governmental agencies, we can respond effectively and adapt to related conditions as they arise.

During its 35 year existence, the firm's Beijing office has participated and won several international design competitions in China: Jinzhou World Horticultural Exposition (completed 2013); Wuhan Hong Gang Cheng Riverfront Development (under construction); and Yixing Recreation Town Center (under construction). In February, 2015, the firm participated and was selected as one of the winning semi-finalists for the Phase 1 -Infrastructure, Boston Living with Water International Design Competition, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. For the Phase 2 submittal, H&C successfully collaborated, coordinated and integrated specialized work with several local Boston landscape and engineering firms.

"I am proud of the teamwork generated from our Beijing office with the local Boston firms, says Jason Balinbin, one of the firm principals. We demonstrated that with technology, spirit, and a shared vision, we can cross continents and communicate effectively despite long travel distances, opposite day/night time zones, and language and cultural diversity".

Howard & Cavaluzzi Architects LLC.(H&C建筑师事务所)是一家国际设计公司,通过实现一个整体的设计目标:提升生活和环境质量,我们整合了多样的文化体验。我们在人类居所的庇护所功能与精神和喜悦之间寻求平衡。




“我为这个由北京办公室与波士顿当地公司组成的团队感到骄傲”,该公司主要负责人Jason Balinbin说。“我们证明了,通过技术、精神以及共同的愿景,即使我们远隔万里、昼夜颠倒、有不同的语言和文化,我们一样可以跨越大洲,有效沟通”。