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Privacy Policy

The overseas.800hr.com is committed to protecting users’ privacy. Users can have full control over their personal information through job recruitment system of overseas.800hr.com. This clause aims to provide protection for user privacy rights, please read the terms for understanding the policies and practices of overseas.800hr.com to collect and protect your personal information.

What type of personal information we need

Normally a user can visit our website and access to information anonymously. Before we ask you to provide information, we will explain the purpose of such information, for example, some of our sites require registration to be admitted, during which your personal information needs to be submitted, since Resume is essential to the job recruitment, the website may ask you to provide additional information, in doing so we can better understand your needs to provide you with efficient services, such personal information includes, but is not limited to your name, contact information, educational background and work experience, etc. You have the right to reject any information from us at any time.

Protect your privacy

The overseas.800hr.com focuses on confidentiality of personal information of high-end talents, and implements strict security measures for users’ Resume or personal information since personal curriculum vitae or personal information is essential to the job recruitment, using dedicated network lines and encrypted storage device for information storage. The overseas.800hr.com makes commitments not to provide any individual user information to outside companies and individuals without the user’s consent. However, if you ask us to provide a particular customer support service or send some articles to you, we need to provide your name and address to third parties such as logistics companies, in which case we recommend you read carefully the personal information confidential system executed by these third-party agencies, we will also statistics and summary of the user’s personal information to form data as the basis provided for our users and advertisers to better serve our users.


Since overseas.800hr.com is a job recruitment site, users can store their resume into our database. HR personnel registered in overseas.800hr.com and the recruiting companies or recruiters that purchased corresponding services from overseas.800hr.com can have a view of your resume in our Resume database. When you submit your resume to overseas.800hr.com and select to make public your resume, you have agreed HR personnel registered in overseas.800hr.com and the recruiting companies or recruiters that purchased corresponding services from overseas.800hr.com can access to and use your resume. Overseas.800hr.com does not assume any liability for any legal disputes arising therefrom. Although overseas.800hr.com has done comprehensive security precautions, the following circumstances are still likely to occur, such as a third party got by our security measures and accessed to our database to find your resume. The overseas.800hr.com deems that you have been aware of the existence of such risks and agreed to bear such a risk when you put your CV into our database, and overseas.800hr.com assumes no legal responsibility for any legal disputes arising therefrom.

General information made known to the public

We will not disclose personal information users provide to us without the user’s consent, including, but not limited to, name, address, email address, phone number, etc, unless otherwise required by the relevant laws, regulations, departmental rules and regulations, etc. Or the relevant government departments,. However, we will gather general information and share such general information among our business partners. If you enter the information on the webpage jointly produced by the website and its business partners, such as contests co-organized by overseas.800hr.com and its partner companies, etc, your information belongs to overseas.800hr.com and its business partners, and overseas.800hr.com assumes no legal responsibility for such information received by any business partners and use of such information by the business partner.

You can choose the open/hidden status for your Resume, even if you choose to you’re your Resume, only the staff of overseas.800hr.com and the approved enterprise user can view your resume. We will not make an unauthorized disclosure of your personal information, but except the following cases:

1) Provision of the relevant personal information required by the laws, regulations and law enforcement agencies.

2) Provision of the relevant personal information for the sake of relieving the urgent danger to life, health or property of the user

3) disclosure of personal information due to your account password shared with others.

4) Personal data disclosure caused by force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network such as hacker attacks, computer viruses, etc.


There is link on the network of overseas.800hr.com to receive feedback information provided by the user. The feedback information received through such links belongs to the overseas.800hr.com. In the case of the aforementioned feedback information obtained, overseas.800hr.com shall be deemed to have obtained the user’s consent and have the right to use such information, and overseas.800hr.com can use such feedback information, or user-contributed contact information to contact you for relevant feedback information again.

Revision of information privacy commitment

If we decide to change the information privacy commitment of overseas.800hr.com, we will publish the changes on the website, so users will understand at any time what information we collect from them, how the information is used and whether such information is disclosed to others.

If you have any questions about our privacy terms, please contact us in the following ways:

Phone: 4006-500-588