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Legal Notices


All content and graphics of this website are protected by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and the relevant international treaties. The overseas.800hr.com enjoys the ownership and intellectual property rights of all the information posted on the website, including without limitation the website, brand names, graphics, copywriting, recruitment information, company profile, resume information, database release and use. Any unit or individual shall not reproduce, reprint or otherwise use such information and data without written authorization of overseas.800hr.com. The authorized copying, reproduction or use of information on the website in other form shall be marked with “information source from overseas.800hr.com”.

Trademark & LOGO

The trademark, LOGO and those of its (overseas.buildhr.com、overseas.healthr.com、overseas.chenhr.com、overseas.bankhr.com) websites under (overseas.800hr.com) belong to the overseas.800hr.com, which shall not be copied or used without permission. Partners and customers on the overseas.800hr.com website possess the ownership of their own LOGO and trademarks, which is prohibited for use without written permission from overseas.800hr.com and its partners or customers.


Users understand and agree that overseas.800hr.com is only responsible for providing a platform and assumes no liability for any damages for losses caused by any of the following circumstances, including but not limited to loss of profits, goodwill, data use or other intangible losses (regardless of whether overseas.800hr.com has been informed of the possibility of such damages).

. For information released on websites other than the overseas.800hr.com, it bears no responsibility.

. Job seekers shall be responsible for the format and content accuracy and legitimacy of the resume stored in the talent pool, overseas.800hr.com accepts no responsibility for the authenticity and legitimacy of the information of job seekers.

. Recruiters assume the full responsibility for the format and content accuracy and legitimacy of the information entered into the job database.

. For external links offered by the overseas.800hr.com for the user’s convenience, overseas.800hr.com has no obligations for review of such links and makes no warranties for its accuracy, security and integrity, which does not represent the website the approval for its linked content, the users shall bear the duty of care in using such links, and the website is not liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom.

. The website shall be held harmless and assume no liability for all and any losses incurred to users resulting from any unforeseeable, unavoidable, insurmountable and uncontrollable events (“Force Majeure Event”) affecting the normal operation of the network due to the changes in the government restraints and the existing applicable laws or regulations, fires, earthquakes, riots, war, power failure, communications line interruption, hacker attacks, computer viruses or attacks, the technical adjustments of telecommunications sector, temporary closure of the website because of government regulation, and the delay, stagnation or error in information and data provided on this website due to no access to this website caused by others’ sabotage, negligence or improper use of the overseas.800hr.com staff, normal system maintenance, system upgrades, or network congestion.

. Overseas.800hr.com makes no warranty that there will be a certain number of users to view particular job recruitment, nor guarantee a particular user to view such job recruitment.

Prohibited acts

All users can only use the overseas.800hr.com for the lawful job application and recruitment activity, no other purpose is allowed, prohibiting any illegal acts in the name of job recruitment, and all users of overseas.800hr.com are required to agree not to use the website for any of the following purposes:

1) Any incomplete, false or inaccurate resume information published in the resume Centre, or seeking full-time or part-time work with other’s resume.

2) The information unrelated to job recruitment, such as opinions, notices, commercial advertisements or contents other than resume posted on the website.

3) Respond to the job position of competitors of overseas.800hr.com and seek contact with the employers for business relations in this manner.

4) Arbitrarily delete or tamper with the information published by others.

5) Use and collect personal information of job seekers or business information of recruiters by unauthorized printing, copying, or in other ways.

6) Send e-mail, make phone calls, mails or otherwise contact the individual or company that published information without the consent

7) Prohibiting users from damaging or attempting to undermine the security measures of the overseas.800hr.com.

8) Prohibiting unauthorized data for use or access to the unauthorized server or account.

9) Prohibiting any arbitrary attempt of searching for, scanning or testing the weaknesses of the system and network, or breach of the website security measures;

10) Prohibiting any attempt to damage the services for users and the network, including but not limited by means of overloading, “mail bombs” or “destroy”, etc;

11) no sending of email for promotion, product advertising and services

12) Prohibiting forging TCP / IP packet name or partial name to destroy the system or network, which may constitute a crime. The overseas.800hr.com will investigate such acts of sabotage and intervene, working with law enforcement authorities to file a lawsuit against the users of such acts.

The following conducts strictly prohibited

Users can publish information on the website in accordance with the rules of the verseas.800hr.com, such information published or the users’ act shall not contain the following elements:

1) incitement to resist and undermine the implementation of the Constitution and laws, administrative regulations;

2) incitement to subvert state power and overthrow the socialist system;

3) incitement to split the country and undermine national unity;

4) incitement to ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

5) fabrication or distortion of facts, spreading rumors and disturbing social order;

6) promoting feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, abetting crime;

7) affront to others or fabricating facts to slandering others, or other malicious attacks;

8) damaging the credibility of state organs

9) other violations of the Constitution and laws and regulations;

10) infringement of trade secrets, intellectual property, or privacy and other legal rights.

11) use of the service system provided on this site to adversely affect the normal operation of any Internet or mobile networks or other acts harmful to computer network security.

12) any act of using the service provided by this website to the disadvantage of this website

Suspension and termination of service

Users in violation of the legal notices of overseas.800hr.com or the other usage rules will receive a written warning, and the website has the right to decide whether to allow the user for continued use, suspension or termination of use after the user expressly makes commitment of no such violations any more in writing. However, the website also has the right to suspend or terminate the services to the user immediately in lieu of warning to the user if we deem it necessary. If a certain user is determined to violate the rules once again, services to such user will be suspended or terminated immediately without second warning.

User Privacy

The overseas.800hr.com is committed to protecting users’ privacy. Users can have full control over their personal information through job recruitment system of overseas.800hr.com. This clause aims to provide protection for user privacy rights, please read the terms for understanding the policies and practices of overseas.800hr.com to collect and protect your personal information.

In addition to the terms set forth in the confidentiality commitment made by the overseas.800hr.com, the user understands and agrees the overseas.800hr.com cab provide comprehensive non-personal information to third parties in the anonymous way, except as required by laws, regulations, court orders, regulators, or according to government actions, regulatory requirements or requests, or for compliance with regulatory obligations deemed necessary by the overseas.800hr.com, in the absence of the user’s prior consent, the overseas.800hr.com will not disclose to any third party the users name, address, e-mail and telephone and other personal information, with the following exceptions:

1) Provision of the relevant personal information to relevant units required by law enforcement agencies for the public sake.

2) disclosure of personal information due to the visitor revealing his user password to others or share registered account with others.

3) Personal data disclosure, loss or tamper caused by force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network such as hacker attacks, computer viruses or the temporary closure due to government regulation, etc.

4) Any legal disputes and consequences of personal information disclosure on other websites linked to this website

5) Provision of the relevant personal information for the sake of relieving the urgent danger to life, health or property of the user.

For any loss or damage caused by the above reasons, the overseas.800hr.com does not assume any responsibility.

Risk Disclaimer

Users use this website and the information on the website at your own risk. The overseas.800hr.com makes no warranties, expressed or implied, for the information and data on the website, except as explicitly provided by the applicable laws and regulations, overseas.800hr.com and its affiliated overseas networks make no and expressly disclaim any and all warranties for the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The overseas.800hr.com cannot guarantee a particular purpose of the information unhindered or error free, nor guarantee the error will be corrected or this website URL or information constituting this website URL contains viruses or other harmful components. The overseas.800hr.com does not guarantee or make any statement in terms of information correctness, accuracy and reliability relating to the use of relevant information.